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A superyacht charter for matariki

For the ultimate star gazing experience Boutique Superyachts have a very special over night charter for Matariki on Sea Breeze III.

Friday 24th June 2022 11:am – Saturday 25th June 2022 – 11:am.


10:45 am

Your Matariki Superyacht Charter starts from our prime position in the Viaduct Harbour. Drive right up to the doorstep where your crew will park your car and bring your luggage onboard.


11:00 am

Welcome onboard Sea Breeze III to a mood boosting mocktail made with ‘Kin Euphorics - High Rhode’ – a gorgeous blend of hibiscus extract, liquorice root, orange peel extract, rhodiola rosea, 5-HTP and GABA that elevates serotonin to find your inner strength and charm. Or have it spiced up – no judgment here. Drinks will be accompanied with tantalising brunch canapés.


11:15 am

After introductions, followed by a safety briefing we will head off to beautiful Station Bay at Matatapu. With the stunning backdrop of the bay and looking out to Great Barrier, this is the perfect place to watch Matariki as it is found low on the horizon in the northeast of the sky. It’s also an amazing spot to watch the sunrise.


As we cruise to our special spot (around 1 hour away) settle into your cabin and explore Sea Breeze. Built in 1976 there is magical history as well as surprise and delight after Sea Breeze’s recent two year refit.


1:00 pm

A energy packed lunch will be served by our Sea Breeze chef that will have you fuelled for your afternoon adventure.


2:00 pm

Head ashore with owner of Sea Breeze, Charlotte Devereux to Islington Bay where she spent her weekends as a child and go for a walk around Ranitoto. Feeling energetic? Hike to the top and be rewarded with magical panoramic views. If you would rather stay onboard chilling or having a fish it is entirely up to you.


5:00 pm

Sip on Sunset cocktail’s while you feast on a seasonal grazing platter while listening to great beats.  


7:00 pm

A nourishing farm-to-table dinner in the dining salon will be served surrounded by twinkling candles. If you desire, we have a selection of wonderful local wines that will pair perfectly with your dinner.


9:00 pm

Start your star gazing with a calming spa while listening to soothing tunes and inhaling the sea air. Our crew will show you Matariki on their star gazing app as it truly brings it to life.


10:00 pm

To get you in the sleep zone we will prepare you a ‘Delve Into Your Dreams’ sleepy drink with warm milk and ‘Kin Euphorics’ - calming spices, reishi mushroom, and melatonin to quiet your mind. Your bed will be turned down with a sleep pod waiting on your pillow. Inhale deeply as you drift off listening to the waves gently lapping on the hull.




Rise early as the best time to view the Matariki cluster is just before dawn. Head to the top deck where our crew will wrap you in snuggly blankets to watch this magical occurrence. They will serve you a warming spiced turmeric latte or freshly brewed coffee with a dash of something special.


7:30 am

Feeling brave? Get invigorated with a sea plunge and then immerse yourself in the spa pool to warm up.


9:00 am

After freshening up, a nutrient packed breakfast will be served. Your chef is happy to share their tips on some wellbeing menus to give you the optimum energy that will also leave your skin glowing


10:00 am

As we make our way back home to the Viaduct find a special spot for the one hour trip back while taking in the beautiful Waitematā Harbour


10:30 am

Arrive back to the Viaduct to disembark at 11:00 am.

Bon voyage until next time taking with you great vibes and contemplation of Matariki - honouring those that we have lost, celebrate what we have and to look ahead to new beginnings.


Your Superyacht Matariki Charter on Sea Breeze III Includes the following:

  • Five level, 105-foot classic Superyacht Sea Breeze III.

  • Overnight cruise on the Waitematā.

  • Three bedrooms (one master suite and two twin rooms) with luxurious linen, vintage kimonos, ensuite bathrooms & turn down service.

  • Sleep and awake pods and bathroom toiletries by Matakana Botanicals.

  • Five highly trained and nurturing crew including Skipper, Charter Manager, Steward, Deckhand and Chef

  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, canapés and dinner (SLOW food always).

  • Welcome drinks, breakfast juice, tea and coffee, smoothies and night time drinks with ‘Kin Euphorics’.

  • Bar service where beverages can be purchased and paid for at the end of charter or pre ordered.

  • Island walk adventure.

  • Well-being tips.

  • Library with wellbeing books as well as a great collection of superyacht magazines.

  • Spa pool, paddle boards and yoga mats.

  • Fuel for set itinerary.

  • A Matariki experience like no other.


$14,940  ($2490 per person) for 6 guests


For two charters only.


Friday 24th June 2022 11:am – Saturday 25th June 2022 – 11:am.


Friday 1st July 2022 11:am – Saturday 2nd July – 11:am.


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